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Forget the haters, Insatiable is your newest Binge
By Goldie Fatale
Posted on 8/12/2018 10:07 AM
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Even though Insatiable is not a horror series I decided to write about it. Personally I would have never even watched it ...had it not been for the online petition to get it taken off the air. In the series teenager Patty Bladell (Debby Ryan) is mad fun of for being over weight, gets in a fight with a homeless man and ends up with her mouth wired shut for the summer and therefor losing all of the extra weight. She decides that she wants to get revenge on all of her classmates with her now svelte body, become a beauty queen and then the next Drew Berrymore. The show takes place in some small suburb outside of Atlanta. The characters are concerned about things like getting into the junior league and beauty pageants are serious business. Bob Armstring (Dallas Roberts), lawyer, local dandy and professional beauty pageant coach decides to help Patty reach her goals.

Based on the premise people lost their minds. Whenever I see an Instagram ad about the show i see tons of people calling it trash and ripping it to shreds, people who pretty obviously have never seen the show. Lets start out with the fact that it is a soap opera. I was actually surprised when i started watching the show to find out that little to none of the show takes place at Patty's school. Not to mention that most of the characters getting the largest amount of screen time happen to be adults, not teens. The show is also more focused on southern beauty pageant culture than Patty's miraculous weight loss. There are several gay characters, and interracial relationships, handled nicely.

I was looking through reviews of the show and couldn't find one good review three pages deep on Google, but the show is actually pretty great. Why do we live in a world where we can't possibly depict any form of realism? The reality is that fat people sometimes are made fun of. The fact is that people do want to lose weight. My god there is a billion dollar weight loss industry to prove me right. The show is completely outrageous, it is in no way based in reality except for the fact that if a teenager that was picked on for her weight suddenly became thin, she might actually feel like being a bit vindictive. That's pretty much the only realistic part of the series. Patty is a teenager and the show is her journey to figuring out who she is and finding her own self worth. Which yes, by the last episode she does that, in the most crazy way, but she does. It's sad I I have to give the ending away a bit for people to give the show a chance. Since when in the history of television does the hero not figure it out? Learn the formula. There is an actual YouTube series on this if you really don't already know the television series formula that every single TV show from I love Lucy to Sienfield, to Rick and Morty follows) Of course Patty realizes her weight was never her problem.

The show is absolutely insane, So much happens in each episode I can't possibly begin to get into what i consider the real plot, which is not actually Patty's weight loss. I feel that people who aren't part of a certain type of southern culture won't appreciate the insane satire the show has. Yes the show gets that its crazy, and the reviews I've seen show me that people really do not get it. I literally read an article that stated satire can only attack the elite. REALLY. No that also is not how it works, the show is laughing at the feelings we all have. Feelings of inadequacy, feelings that maybe we are a bad person, maybe that is why bad things happen to us. It shows us that just because someone is picked on doesn't make them a good person. Spoiler alert Patty isn't exactly a saint.

Insatiable isn't for everyone. It is a Soap Opera about southern society. It is silly and the content is certainly not PG. While I did enjoy the show I actually don't think its for children. Not everything is appropriate for young teens and children. When you look at the show from the light of, is Patty a role model for people suffering from emotional issues, I'd also say no, not in the least. If however you want to watch a fast paced show where something crazy happens an average of every five minutes of air time...Insatiable is just right for you. I give it four stars out of five..Binge it as s0on as possible.